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What are the uses and advantages of graphite recarburizer?

2021-01-06 11:19:59

Graphite recarburizer is a kind of graphitized products, graphite element has a rich use and advantages in steelmaking, so graphite recarburizer often appears in the procurement list of steelmaking manufacturers, but many people are not particularly understand graphite recarburizer this product.

What is graphite carburizer?

Graphite recarburizer is a kind of graphitized and rich in carbon ferroalloy products, graphite recarburizer has stable elemental performance is often used in many industries, is often used in the production of steelmaking, casting, high quality graphite recarburizer is an essential metallurgical material for the production of better steel.


What are the uses of graphite recarburizer?

Because of carbon graphite recarburizer contains natural minerals after graphitization treatment has good use purposes, graphite carburant are carefully screened by manufacturer, high temperature recrystallization and become, has a high carbon content, effect and stable characteristics, graphite recarburizer widely used in the process of steelmaking, concrete embodiment in purifying molten steel cleanliness, improving the quality of finished steel, various aspects and improve factory profit, graphite recarburizer also played a good reducing agent in the casting industry with the purpose of the inoculant.

What are the advantages of graphite recarburizer?

Graphite recarburizer application widely, which also have to say a bit of graphite carburant, first graphite recarburizer is well absorbed ferroalloy products, carbon content in 80% of the graphite recarburizer its absorption rate is equivalent to more than 90% of the coal quality recarburizer, carburant and graphite and convenient to use does not need to be increased use of specialized equipment, the characteristics of graphite recarburizer also has the advantages of reducing energy consumption effectively, can effectively shorten the smelting time smelting effect quickly.

Through a thorough understanding of the use and advantages of graphite carburizing agent, we can better understand what is graphite carburizing agent, and we can effectively achieve greater effect in future use. If you have any questions about graphite carburizing agent, you can consult professional graphite carburizing agent manufacturer Huatuo metallurgy, and we will serve you wholeheartedly!



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