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Liaoning Changsheng flange pipe Forging Co., Ltd

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Address: No.28 Ruili Road, Lingang Economic Development Zone, Panjin City

Liaoning Changsheng Flanged Pipe Forging Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, is located in the beautiful Lingang Economic Development Zone, Panjin City, Liaoning Province, covers an area of 48,888 square meters, the company's geographical position is superior, convenient transportation. Company legal representative: Chang Juncheng, registered capital: 10 million yuan.

The company specializing in the production of free forging, die forging, flange, clamp connector, new carbon materials, etc., production equipment has a gas heating furnace, furnace, air hammer, lathe, drilling machine, sawing machine, welding machine, profile cutting machine, gantry crane, screening machine, packaging machine, bucket machine, such as more than 30 sets, in order to ensure the quality of our products and our company checkout room into a batch of inspection equipment, including three elemental analyzer, carbon sulfur analyzer, impact testing machine, tensile testing machine, metallographic analyzer, ultrasonic flaw detector with pressure piping components such as the operation of the quality assurance system set up a new, electrode library, archive, and equipped with personnel management.

Company set up 11 years, in line with not for hard struggle spirit, the continuous development of innovative spirit, pragmatic and fine scientific spirit, based on the spirit of competition of the world's business philosophy is based on market economy, because the company product quality reliable, reputation guarantee, for a long time for the general customers the consistent high praise, and with liaoning waffer - Ed the environmental protection equipment co., LTD., a file a Noel instrument co., LTD. Shanghai branch, set up a file far fu chemical co., LTD., liao marina branch, set up a file transit container manufacturing co., LTD., a file fengyuan power develop co., LTD. Liaohe Oilfield Company of China National Petroleum Corporation Limited and other enterprises have established long-term cooperative relations.

The company is committed to produce safe and reliable products according to national laws and regulations, product standards, and strive for greater development in order to enhance customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Liaoning Changsheng flange pipe Forging Co., Ltd

Tel:+86-0427-6800088 +86-0427-6898222

Fax: 0427-8872227

Address: No.28 Ruili Road, Lingang Economic Development Zone, Panjin City




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