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Introduction to the misunderstanding of recarburizers

2021-01-06 11:16:33

Because there are many foundries in the market that use recarburizers, but many of the processes are not well-versed by everyone, causing some errors in understanding.

Here are some misunderstandings. Petroleum coke recarburizer

1. Recarburizers with the same chemical composition and particle size distribution are the same recarburizers

Analysis error:

Reason: Different crystal structures and external morphologies determine different diffusion speeds and nucleation capabilities, thereby affecting production efficiency and metallurgical properties. Carburizers of different substances cannot be compared by chemical composition and particle size.


2. Recarburizers equal to substances that increase carbon

Petroleum coke recarburizer

Analysis error:

The recarburizer can greatly affect the quality of castings by affecting the quantity and shape of graphite. When the quality of castings is required to be high, the value of the recarburizer cannot be completely compared by the price of unit recarburization.

3. The use of recarburizers causes the molten iron to have a large tendency to white mouth, and it is easy to appear bad graphite forms

Analysis error:

The use of recarburizer is mainly to improve the quality of casting products and increase the quality of products. Proper use can eliminate or reduce the white mouth tendency of thin-walled castings and the shrinkage tendency of thick-walled castings.

Choosing a high-quality recarburizer is a prerequisite. In addition, the stability of the casting can be improved when the method of use, the amount of use and other processes are appropriate, thereby reducing production costs and improving product quality.



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