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How to choose high-quality tar recarburizer

2021-01-06 11:14:13

The wholesale ex-factory price of recarburizers recommends selecting recarburizers for high-temperature graphitization processing, such as graphite electrodes or graphitized oil coke, tar recarburizers, because graphitized recarburizers have higher absorption rate and faster dissolution Speed can help reduce energy consumption, and can effectively increase the nucleation of molten iron on the iron core, and improve metallurgical quality; select carbonaceous agents with lower impurity elements such as sulfur and nitrogen. The use of different carburetors will have different use costs and effects, so consumers need to understand the classification of carburetor and choose the right product.


Artificial graphite is a high-quality graphitized carburetor, but it is relatively expensive and has limited resources. Therefore, it is difficult to apply in casting and the cost is also high. Therefore, it is not a choice. Graphitized petroleum coke is a widely used carburizing agent. Its low cost and large output are favored by consumers. It is used to produce high-quality products, such as the production of ductile iron. However, petroleum coke that has not been graphitized at high temperatures is no longer suitable for use in the casting process. Because of its characteristics, it is now widely used in the aluminum industry.

Tar recarburizer

Natural graphite is also a carburizing agent, which can also be divided into flake graphite and microcrystalline graphite, but the ash content of microcrystalline graphite is higher, and it is generally not used as a carburizing agent for cast iron. There are many types of flake graphite, and their characteristics are also different. Coke and anthracite are commonly used carburizing agents in electric arc furnace steelmaking, but their ash content is high, volatile matter is high, and they are not used much.

There are many types of recarburizers, but why do you want to promote graphitized recarburizers when casting electric furnaces?

Why do most of the carburizers you choose now are graphitized recarburizers? Because the carbon atoms arranged in a flake form can become a better core in the graphite core to promote graphitization, and high temperature graphitization recarburizers , So that the carbon atoms from the original disordered arrangement into a sheet-like arrangement. At the same time, during the high-temperature graphitization process, the sulfur content in the sulfur dioxide gas escapes and decreases. Therefore, the sulfur content of high-quality graphitized recarburizers is generally low, generally less than 0.2%, or even less than 0.05%. This is also an indirect indicator for judging whether high-temperature graphitization is good and whether graphitization is good. If the recarburizer does not do high-temperature graphitization, the nucleation ability of graphite is greatly reduced, and the graphitization function is weakened. Even with the same carbon content, the results are completely different.



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